Chapman’s Spring semester starts this Monday, and I have successfully put off packing until this afternoon, which means that it is now crunch time for me to get everything organized both for my semester and for my riding schedule. I have the majority of my clothing already in Orange at the house I rent there, however that by no means implies that I don’t still have quite a few things to pack up at my parent’s home in Valencia, CA.

First thing’s first: riding clothes. I always make it a point to create a space in my closet specifically dedicated to storing my riding attire, and this semester is no different. Due to my class schedule, these next few months I will be riding between 4-5 times per week, which means I need to bring riding clothes that are both washer and dryer friendly as well as hold up between washes. In my suitcase I have 2 Tailored Sportsman breeches (olive green and hunter green), 1 pair of ROMFH breeches (navy), and 1 pair of Equine Couture breeches (black). On top of that I have 2 long sleeved riding shirts and 2 polos, my barn jacket, and 7 pairs of riding socks. I keep my belts at my Orange house, and I will also be bringing two pairs of tall boots: my custom show boots and my trusty Ariats. I keep the rest of my riding gear, such as my helmet, gloves, spur straps, crop, hairnets, and sunglasses in my tack trunk at my barn to ensure I don’t forget them.

Next is school supplies. Nerd alert, school supplies are probably my favorite part of the new semester aside from seeing all of my friends. Along with my favorite Erin Condren planner, I picked up some of my favorite basics today at Staples. Due to my major being very text and note-heavy, I grabbed three notebooks, two of which are 2-subject and one 1-subject, all of them college ruled of course! Next I picked up some mini neon Post-it notes that I use to further organize my planner on particularly busy weeks and to save my place in my readings. Pens and highlighters are a must for studying, so I picked up 5 Bic brite liners and a packet of the aqua-colored Poppin pens, mainly because they were too pretty to pass up! Finally, I got a new USB flash drive, which holds 16 GB of data, perfect for research papers.

And finally, the clothes. It gets terribly hot here in Southern California, however my campus tends to keep all of its buildings at a nearly arctic temperature, making dressing for the weather nearly impossible. My current go-to with packing is to always bring layers, which means I’m bringing jeans, high socks, light hoodies, tank tops, and cropped tees to campus to pair with my favorite skirts and booties that are a constant staple in my closet. This way I’m always prepared for whatever temperature my classroom may be compared to the toasty weather outside! In addition to the normal clothes, I also packed a few bikini options in case I decide to hang out by the pool or tan in my backyard, as well as a couple party dresses and heels for those fun nights out!

Hopefully this has given you an idea of what I find to be most helpful for the spring semester! I have to get back to packing but look out for a gym basics post soon!
Until next time,