Once upon a time, I was scrolling through instagram (@stellar_skye) and stumbled across an equestrian brand known as Sport Horse Lifestyle. I immediately fell in love with Sarah Ryan’s creative products and style, so of course I had to place an order and review it for everyone!

I had fallen in love with a burgundy shirt that had “#JUMPERS” on the sleeve and said in bold text “ON SUNDAYS WE WEAR WHITE” on the back, as well as a new decal for my car. On her website, it instructs to size up for a looser fit, which is my preferred style of shirt, especially for riding (I mean, it’s hot here and when I sweat everything sticks to me anyway so better looser than skin tight, you feel?). Nothing was outrageously pricey, and with my total under $50 I was thrilled!

The shirt and decal arrived quickly, taking about four days to ship from Connecticut to California, and was packaged in a pale pink shipping bag. Upon opening I saw that she had also thrown in a handwritten note saying thanks, as well as two smaller stickers, one of the Ride or Die graphic and the other of the Victory Gallop graphic (the latter of which currently lives on my laptop). The shirt isincredibly soft and fits well, slightly loose but still fitted as expected in a women’s cut. To be honest, I’ve worn the shirt as a PJ top the past few nights because it’s so comfy!

The decal and stickers are both very well made and have great staying power, and overall I’m really happy about this purchase! I’ll definitely be buying from Sport Horse Lifestyle in the future, especially with the release of the new Ride or Die graphic tees for men and women *insert heart eyes here.*

That’s all for me today! If you want to check out these products for yourself, click the link below!


Keep dreaming everyone,