So I’m a senior in college. WHAT. WHEN. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN. Okay, okay, breathe Skye. All it means is that college is 75% over and you need to find a career like, yesterday. No pressure!

You see, for most seniors in college now is the time where the multiple internships held over the past three years and countless hours of work manifest themselves into a career path to be followed after graduation: a paying job, stable living situation, and more often than not, a relocation for said job. I, on the other hand, am not exactly normal. My internships have consisted of spending hours upon hours at the barn, traveleing to try horses, and competing at horse shows. My career path is to travel internationally with Trooper and whoever else i may add to my team, and to compete in the 2020 Olympics (hopefully). And the money? That will be made in competition and supplemented by my job as a bartender.

With that being said, it may come as no surprise to you that I am an extremely driven, goal-oriented, ambitious, and stubborn person. I’m not saying that I go to the extremes seen on Dance Mom (shudders), but if I have a dream I have no problem pushing myself in order to make it a reality. While I can sometimes be *too* motivated (as in, I have a tendency to push my loved ones away when in pursuit of a goal), the bigger the dream, the more ambition I have to make it happen, and this is no different.

I’m currently in a state of multiple changes, in both riding and college. But the senior year panic is definitely a thing, and a terrifying one at that. While I’ll speak out about some of the changes I have been making lately, my goals are something that will never change, no matter what obstacles may come in my way.

Keep dreaming everyone,