*Sneezes* Considering the way in which the weather has been changing from freezing to boiling, I have managed to fall under the weather. Ugh. Luckily for me, I have an arsenal of herbal teas at my disposal to help me get over this grossness as quickly as possible, and I thought I would share some of my favorites with you!

For a Pesky Cold: Gypsy Cold Care
I picked this up in my local Albertsons when I first noticed I was getting sick, and so far, so good. It’s an interesting blend of peppermint, elder, and yarrow which work together to warm up your body from the inside out, making it perfect for when you feel chilled to the bone. It tastes great with some raw honey and a little squeeze of lemon, but please don’t do what I did and squeeze a particularly juicy lemon piece into it or else you get a mouthful of sour citrus tea instead of sweet and spicy peppermint. Whoops!
Steep time: 10-15 minutes

For Concentration: Twinings Peppermint
Let’s be real:ย I love Twinings. This tea is a permanent staple in my tea collection, and I always go back to it in the fall and winter. Made only with peppermint, this tea is great to sip on while studying or reading because peppermint helps increase concentration. I enjoy my cup with a bit of raw honey or stevia, or sometimes even just plain. I love how it tastes and the minty scent always wakes up my senses, which is a plus when I’m sleepy during finals!
Steep time: 5-7 minutes

For Joint Soreness: Yogi Joint Comfort
This tea is the one I tend to reach for after my morning run. Not only does it hydrate me, but it also warms me up from the inside out and helps relax my joints and muscles: a HUGE plus since I run on pavement. I have noticed that if I don’t drink it for a few days I tend to get sore more easily, but then again that could be the weather changing. My one caution is that is smells very herbal, so if that scent puts you off then I maybe would not go for this one. Overall, a delicious herbal blend that tastes great with a little honey.
Steep time: 5-7 minutes

For a Morning Boost: Tazo Morning Blend
All hail caffeinated tea! Since I’m currently trying to not drink a ton of coffee, I’ve switched over to the highly caffeinated black tea from Tazo. A citrusy and slightly spicy blend, it has not yet failed to wake me up on particularly slow mornings. I’ve found it to be delicious with some fresh squeezed orange juice and, you guessed it, raw honey.
Steep time: 3-5 minutes

Honey, Honey: Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Raw Honey
I’m currently having a love affair with raw honey. This particular brand is absolutely delicious, and one of the things I thank for helping me get over being sick quickly. Since raw honey boasts a high antioxidantย content and antibacterial properties, it has become my go-to for scratchy throats and, of course, adding a little sweetness to my morning cuppa.

That’s all for me today! If you have any tea suggestions please leave them below, I’m always looking for a new blend!