I will be the first to admit it: I own way too many pairs of breeches. How can one blame me, though? With the new colors and styles, different types of fabrics, and the constantly-changing zipper placements it seems that every time I go to a show I am bombarded with breeches and designers I have yet to see. Because of this “problem,” choosing breeches to bring with me traveling has always been a bit of a struggle, so today I will be talking about my favorite breeches brands, colors, and why I love them.

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The Tailored Sportsman
A favorite brand of nearly all equestrians, this is the company I first started with, even as a wee-lass who wore ribbons in her braids at horse shows. When I think of The Tailored Sportsman I think sleek, durable, and (you guessed it) impeccably tailored, albeit expensive. While all but I believe two of my show pants are from this famous brand, my favorite breeches from them lately have been the colored range. I recently received the “Blue Ribbon” color from my mom as a surprise this past weekend, and I have been itching to put them on, for they are the most beautifully pigmented blue I could ever imagine. My other two go-tos are their Hunter Green color, which is a rich dark green, and their Olive color, which goes with nearly everything, but tends to not get as dirty as the traditional tan. As far as zippers go, for me, I love a front-zip, and the only pair that is anΒ exception are my Pink Lemonade breeches that I love to wear in the summer.

Equine Couture
Don’t let the name fool you! These breeches are the most affordable of the bunch, and are my absolute favorite for lessons, especially in warm weather. While The Tailored Sportsman uses durable and heavy-weighted fabric, Equine Couture comes in being lightweight and easy-to-clean, making them a great alternative to dry cleaning your breeches every week. Another one of my favorite features is the elastic bottom of the legs, which eliminates the potential of painful velcro-rub around your ankles that I have experienced one-too-many times in my life. My favorite pairs from this brand are the Dark Brown and Black, and I am constantly checking my local tack shop to see if they have any more in stock. In fact, I love them so much that they are actually beginning to wear down, which I think is a sign of truly reliable breeches!

Not going to lie, I am still new to the world of ROMFH breeches, and I have no idea what took me so long to discover them. ROMFH is the happy medium between The Tailored Sportsman and Equine Couture, with heavier fabric than EC, but the same level of durabiity that TS has to offer. Price-wise they are still more expensive than good ol’ Equine Couture, but I am still wearing the same two pairs that I got nearly two years ago with absolutely no sign of wear and tear. My favorite colors from this brand in particular are Navy and Burgundy, but I always have a soft spot for whiteΒ β™₯

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Here’s to happy riding and awesome breeches!