Resolutions, what a cliché, right? #newyearnewme and all that jazz. January 1st might as well be D-Day with how seriously we take it sometimes, or so it seems.

I’ve always been on the fence about resolutions. For one, making them on January 1st really doesn’t motivate me much, and due to the way in which people change throughout the year, I find that those resolutions are often altered or replaced by new goals as time passes. After all, resolutions should not be the end all be all to happiness, they should make you want to work toward being a better version of yourself; they should help you grow over the course of the year so you can look back and say, “I’m proud of who I am and how I got here.” It doesn’t matter if you take a day off from the gym or get in an argument with your spouse, not as long as you try again the next chance you have to be better. They are just such an interesting cultural phenomenon that I cannot help but find them fascinating. *takes a deep breath* Anyway, let me get down from my soap box and tell you some of my personal goals, however silly they may seem.

#1: Compete in a Grand Prix by Graduation
Probably one of my bigger goals is to compete in a Grand Prix by the time I graduate Chapman in May. Having this to work towards not only will keep me on track in training and showing, but also lights a fire under my ass to keep working towards my dream, no matter how impossible it may seem sometimes. After all, even “impossible” says “I’m possible,” or at least that’s what Audrey Hepburn told me!


#2 Write a Kickass Thesis
It’s my final semester of university-praise the lord. To graduate however, I will need to present my thesis at the Senior Symposium at the end of the Spring semester, and I know for a fact that I want to make my peers and professors proud. After being inducted into AKD, the Sociological Honors Society, I have been wanting to push myself more than even within my major. It’s not about grades in this case, it’s purely about leaving my mark in Sociology, no matter how small.

#3 Love More and Worry Less
As a hopeless romantic in every sense of the phrase, I love love, but more importantly I particularly love making others feel loved and happy. The resolution here is to not worry so much about what could happen and overthink everything, but instead just to live life fully with love and try to help others live the same way. I cannot promise I will succeed in this every single day, but I can definitely try!

#4 Find Sponsors
Ah, yes, the hunt for sponsorships. If I want to be able to afford traveling in this sport, I will need to find a way to support myself, and sponsorships would definitely help me not only get my name out there but also fund me, even the smallest amount. A lofty resolution, yes, but one that will require lots of knocking on doors and networking…something being in Greek Life taught me to do with ease.

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#5 Read More

Books have always been a great way for me to relax and get out of my head, but I’ve lost my reading mojo while studying in university. I want to carve out more time to read for pleasure, and to branch out and read books I have always wanted to but never have the time to. I’m a bookworm at heart, and I want to bring that back into my life full-force!

#6 Move Out of Orange
It has been quite the four years at Chapman, but I need to get out of the sleepy little town I have called my second home for so long. While ideally I could just live in a stable, realistically I will have to hunt for somewhere to live after graduation. My ideal goal is to rent a small one bedroom in Burbank, meaning I will need some monetary income, which brings me to the last resolution…

#7 Get Hired
This is where I will send out a plea to the universe: *ahem* PLEASE HIRE ME. As someone who knows how hard it will be to support myself on my sport alone, especially without the help of sponsors, finding a job is going to be a hustle if you’ve ever seen one. I’ll have to take bartending courses and pound the pavement like there’s no tomorrow, which there might not be if I can’t afford it! While more of a necessity than a resolution, it begs to be said that as a new graduate, this resolution, nay, goal, may be the hardest to achieve.

#8 Fix My Eating Patterns
Yeah, I know. Typical. But as someone who needs to constantly fit into skintight breeches and show shirts, cut me some slack. I tend to either not eat at all or overeat when I’m stressed or anxious, and I would love to get my eating patterns under control and move them back towards a more balanced and easy-to-maintain diet. This doesn’t mean cutting out all junk or sweets, mainly because I would be miserable, but mainly just making more of a conscious effort to eat things that will make me feel good, and also to just eat in general.

Big goals are the best goals, right? If you would like to see another blogger/vlogger’s opinion of resolutions as well, please click check out Emma here. As always, leave any comments below and I’ll see you next time!

Happy 2016!