**The following post is NOT sponsored, and contains my own opinions and observations. I am not a medical professional, and paid for this with my own money**

Cleanses. Not a fan. I like being able to eat when I want, and since I already have super low blood sugar that concept of drinking nothing but juice sounds like a fate worse than death. Okay, maybe not death. But I would rather not faint, deal?

Enter the wonderful, magical, lemon-y goodness that is Dirty Lemon. I had been scrolling through instagram and noticed that one of my favorite YouTubers, Brittany Balyn, had been drinking this and I immediately started researching. Ability to eat whatever I wanted? Check. All-natural ingredients? Check. Low-calorie and raw? Check. Expensive? Nope, totally on target with other cleanses and detoxes on the market. Where did I sign up?

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Here’s one of the coolest things about Dirty Lemon: you can order it through text message. Don’t believe me? Look below! Ease of ordering? Double check! Now, here’s the low-down from the website itself: “We like things when they’re simple. Like a daily detox that suits your life. TheΒ lemon juice in our raw detox cleanses your system and helps alkalize the body.Activated charcoal absorbs thousands of times its own volume in toxins. Ginger & dandelion root aid the body’s natural digestive process.” Sound good to you?

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You get six bottles for $65, intended for 6 days of detoxing with one rest day. The price included shipping, but local taxes may apply depending on where you live. The bottles are adorable, and the liquid itself needs to be shaken to evenly distribute the charcoal and served chilled. And now, for the taste…It tastes like very strong lemon water, and other than a slight gingery aftertaste that’s basically it! I loved drinking it, and will definitely be ordering again. It’s a very refreshing and low-commitment detox, which is what I love about it: it fits in perfectly with my lifestyle.

Weight-wise, it definitely helped with bloating and lessening my sugar cravings, which is a feat in itself. I might have lost a few pounds, but I was not using this for weight loss, purely to help my body restart after eating so much salt overseas. Ultimately, I would say that this is definitely my cleanse.Β 

Are you going to say #yestomore ? Let me know your thoughts on Dirty Lemon and other detoxes below!