Birthdays are always a little weird to me. Since I am the queen of overthinking and getting my hopes up, this year I opted to do something I never have: I didn’t plan anything for my birthday. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. So with that being said, here’s what happened, from start to finish!

8:30 am: I woke up before my alarm and rolled over to checIMG_5924k instagram. Same ol’ routine as usual. BUT WAIT. My favorite local coffee joint wasΒ having a soft opening from 8 am to noon, and as if that wasn’t incentive enough, they were giving away free KeepCups with every coffee purchase! I don’t think I’ve ever gotten ready that fast in my entire life: I was dressed, makeup on, hair did, and out the door in 15 minutes flat. Impressed? So was I! I managed to find a sweet parking spot right outside of Aussie Bean and rewarded myself with a 12 oz Flat White, aka pure, delicious, caffeinated heaven. Best way to start my birthday ever.

10:10 am: I roll up late to class, only to be bombarded with singing and choruses of “Happy birthday!” Cake was being served, I was hyped up on espresso, and I was absolutely mortified as they all sang to me. Embarrassing but necessary? I think so.

IMG_5958.jpg12:00 pm: With class out and my mom on the phone, I scurried to my car to get the day rolling. The birthday blues had started to hit (it was my first one without my parents after all), and my boyfriend had invited me over for lunch and to play with his dogs. Half a grilled cheese and a couple hours of puppy lovin’ later, and I was already starting to feel a bit better.

4:00 pm: SURPRISE! I come home to find my bedroom covered in balloons and two bouquets of flowers on my bedside table. Thanks to both my lovely roommate and my dad, I was overjoyed to literally walk into such a sweet gesture. Since I am a huge flower aficionado, this was worth its weight in gold for me!

4:30 pm: My only birthday plan was to grab dinner with my best friend Sarah at Lazy Dog, and it was the perfect low-key way to celebrate for me. Good food and good company has always been my preferred way to celebrate anything, and this was no exception: I had missed Sarah dearly and we had a bunch to catch up on, and I am forever grateful and lucky to have such a wonderful friend like her in my life.

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7:00 pm: VAGINA MONOLOGUES! While I am waiting to write about my experience in the monologues in full later (come see it February 26-28th!) I had my first of two rehearsals starting at 7, and I am pleased to say it went wonderfully. I am so honored to be a part of such an amazing cast and the directors always push me to be my absolute best.

8:30 pm: A quiet evening with my boyfriend turned into me having an anxiety attack about the future and post-grad plans. Terrible timing? Absolutely. But, bless his heart, he just sat with me and held me as I panicked and made me feel loved even while I was fraying at the edges. After all, anxiety and depression NEVER take a vacation, not even on your birthday (rude).

10 pm: Rehearsals, pt. II. Honestly, I am so lucky to have a group of strong women to meet with every week, and to whom I can bare my soul to without being ashamed or embarrassed. These women have quickly become my rocks, and I don”t know what I would do without them (and their waxing tips, because that’s always handy).

12:00 pm: Drumroll please…enter a complete sob-fest of a mental breakdown. On the plus side, crying so much helped me sleep like a rock, but on the downside as I write this I have the worst emotional hangover of all time. Not to worry, I’ll be okay, it’s just sometimes better to admit you’re not okay and let yourself get all the emotion and fear out, regardless of what day it is!

How do you like to celebrate your birthday? I don’t know if I’ll ever be a huge party person, but I am incredibly thankful for everyone who helped make my day a little better in their own way!