Welcome to Small Brand Spotlight! Since I love finding out about new apparel and equestrian-themed brands, I thought it would be best to share the love with everyone else in a one-stop shop, if you will. Once a month I will be focusing on a new brand that has crossed my path, and this month it is the small apparel company That Hunter Style!

I found That Hunter Style on Instagram a week or so ago after I spotted one of their sweatshirts on another account’s feed, and let me tell you, they are absolutely adorable. This is your ideal store for a perfect mix of pop culture, coziness, and equestrian-themed shirts and sweatshirts, but there is a twist. Due to the formatting of the site, all designs are crowdfunded-meaning that they will only be printed if enough interest is shown. Fear not! If enough shirts aren’t purchased you get your money back, no problem. Since I’m sure you’re curious, below are a couple of my favorites!

Jumper Queen Long Sleeve

I love riding in long sleeves, and I find that they are the easiest to transition from barn-to-school as well, making this one of my favorite designs. I particularly love the collegiate vibe of this design with the small logo on the front and bigger text on the back-it reminds me of a spirit jersey from back in my sorority days! Overall, it’s simple, bold, available in a ton of colors, and cute-what more can you ask for? ($22.50 for long sleeve)

1-800-EQUESTRIAN Sweatshirt

“You used to call me at the back gate, late day when you need my round.” Jokes aside, this is the sweatshirt that originally caught my eye on social media, and the one that I purchased for myself recently. The pale pink (my preferred color) is super cute for the barn and class, and for me, a clever Drake reference is always appreciated, especially when it’s horse-related! ($30 for sweatshirt)

All products on their website are unisex, and make sure you buy fast-you don’t want to miss out on their rotating designs! Let me know down in the comments if there are any brands you want me to spotlight next, and I’ll see you on Monday!