Commuting sucks. It’s exhausting, annoying, and more often than not, it’s a necessary evil. So how on earth do you make it somewhat bearable-and dare I say-enjoyable? Read on to see my top tips for staying (mostly) sane on your commute!

  1. Fuel Up!
    I’ve said it, your mother has said it, and your doctor has said it: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Especially for morning commuters (myself included), driving on an empty stomach while tired is a fate worse than death. You’ll be hangry, your stomach will hurt, and when you finally get to your destination you will in no way be in a good mood. Trust.Even when I’m not hungry at all, I always grab a banana and a bottle of water, or if I’m exceptionally sleepy I’ll throw some coffee (black with unsweetened vanilla almond milk) in my KeepCup. Just knowing that I have a snack makes those mid-traffic hunger pangs much easier to deal with. Other favorite snacks include: blueberries, PB and honey toast, or some cereal.
  2. “Wait, turn WHERE?”
    I don’t know about you, but when I’m getting scolded for making a wrong turn, I would rather be able to chuckle at the voice than get even more annoyed with myself. Enter Waze, my favorite GPS app and the key to my commuting success. Not only does Waze find you the faster route to your destination, but it comes with a ton of different GPS voices to choose from! My favorites are Simon, a British gentleman, and C3PO.
  3. Comfy Shoes
    Nobody likes driving in stop-and-go traffic in heels. Or boots. Or, ever. But wearing shoes that are comfortable and easy to change out of will make traffic at least a little less awful. For me, I wear my tall socks and breeches with my rubber Birkenstock sandals, and then put my boots on when I get to the barn to avoid blisters and keep my feet as happy as possible! I always recommend having some flats, flip flops, or slip-on sneakers in your car that way, no matter what time of day it is, you have the option to slip into something much more comfortable and safer to drive in.
  4. Traffic Sing-Alongs
    I would not be able to make the drive as often as I do without some good music to keep me moving. Linked below are some of my favorite songs to drive to currently: it’s a mix of pop, indie, alternative, and a little edm and rap for those bursts of traffic-free freedom. Turn on Spotify, put it on shuffle and enjoy!

    Click Here for music!


I hope you liked these tips on staying (mostly) sane on your commute! Good luck and drive safe, everyone!