Well, spring break is over and it’s time to put my nose back to the grindstone for the last two months of university (internally screaming). If you saw my staycation post, you would know that one of the things I wanted to focus on was finding a delicious cuppa wherever I ended up on break, and as a result here’s a little list of my current favorite coffee joints in the LA/OC area!

Orange County: The Aussie Bean

In case you were curious as to how I’ve managed to survive juggling my crazy schedule, it’s mostly because of the incredible coffee at this local joint. The owners, Natalie and Gavin, have done an incredible job bringing authentic Aussie-style flat whites to sleepy Orange County, and the amount of time and effort they put into each cup of coffee, from roasting the beans themselves to the latte art, never fails to impress. If you’re ever near Chapman University, it’s definitely a place to check out!

Hollywood: Groundwork Coffee

Lucky ol’ me stumbled upon this coffee shop when I arrived to an interview a solid forty minutes early and needed to kill some time. This. Cold Brew. Though. Well, first off shout out to the barista who would not stop teasing me for being super happy to be ordering coffee in the first place. Secondly, see above. The cold brew was creamy, caffeinated, and absolutely bursting with rich flavor. I even went back after my interview to get another and a bag of their signature blend-it’s that good! The location I went to is on Cahuenga and Sunset, but they’re all over the place, try to find your nearest shop!

DTLA: Spring for Coffee

If you’ve ever been to The Last Bookstore, you’ve most likely wandered past this little shop and haven’t given it much thought. But, if you’re at all like me and love a good espresso, pop in next time you’re finding a book to stick your nose in and grab a shot or two. While a little on the pricey side-it is DTLA after all-they offer a wide range of different coffee brands and their espresso is always on point and NEVER burnt or watery.

The Valley: Coffee Kiosk

And finally, shout out to my hometown for having my favorite local drive-thru coffee joint of all time. If you’re ever in Valencia or going to Magic Mountain, do yourself a favor and skip Starbucks to support this local business. Not only are the baristas always cheerful and know way too much about coffee for their own good (kidding!), but the coffee is delicious and pretty cheap when compared to it’s drive-thru competition. My go to? Black iced coffee with toasted marshmallow syrup. Just trust me on this one ☺

That’s what I’ve been sippin’ on (or chugging) lately! Let me know if you have any recommendations, and I’ll see you Thursday!