I’ve been trying to write this since I found out everything on Friday afternoon. It’s Sunday night. 

*Deep breath* So, Trooper isn’t going to be at the barn anymore. He’s not dead, GOD no. But there is a lot wrong with him, and he’ll be living at a facility for the next six months to a year before most likely finding a new home. He’ll never be the Grand Prix horse that we all hoped he would be, and it’s breaking my heart to say that.

Trooper is seven years old, and a massive Westphalian Warmblood imported from Germany. Basically, in simplest terms, he grew too much, too fast, and his body legitimately cannot handle the stress of his size. He is essentially lame on all four legs, has the beginnings of Kissing Spine in his back, and a variation of other problems. Honestly, I’m shocked that he is as sweet and perfect as he is, because none of us knew how much pain he was in for a long time.

Honestly I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that I fell in love with him the minute I saw him, and that I saw our career together play out like a movie before my eyes. But the future is awfully unpredictable, and this is a prime example. After the suspensory injury I thought that he would be fine, but he wasn’t, and he isn’t, and I cannot bear the thought of him just sitting in a stall for the rest of his life. Luckily for me, I have an incredible support system that has been helping me with this unsettling news.

I want to say thank you to Michael Leon, Maia, Dr. Martinelli, Mom & Dad, Juan, Alex and Emily Trowbridge for everything that you have done in caring for and rehabbing Trooper as much as we could. He’ll be at an absolutely wonderful facility for the next year playing on the grass and healing on his own time, and I am so lucky in that I know he will get the best care possible.

My heart hurts-it’s like losing a best friend, teammate, and family member all in one. But this blog isn’t always going to be happy, and this is the reality of life and this sport…it’s not always perfect.
See you Thursday,