Wow, long time no see! I took a mini-break from the blog because…I’M GRADUATING IN LESS THAN A MONTH! Ah! *internally screaming* As you can imagine, I am utterly slammed with school work, as well as working my new job and training as often as humanly possible, but I wanted to compile a little update so you could know what I’ve been up to as I get back in the swing of things!

Roomie Photos

Shoutout to my ride-or-die, my best friend, and my roommate for taking these stupidly cute photos and also experiencing the least exciting champagne spray of all time. I don’t know what I would do without ya, Hawkeye.
DISCLAIMER: I do not encourage drinking or bringing alcohol on campus

I started working at Urban Outfitters recently, and oh myΒ it has been an experience. My coworkers have all been amazing, and I love the location, but as luck would have it I got super sick this weekend and had to call in sick the second week of working. Boo hiss. But hey, for a sociologist like myself, the people watching is prime, especially in my location! I’m really excited to talk about products I’ve been loving, so keep your eyes peeled!


After my most recent show at LAEC (shoutout to West Palms Events for an incredible show!) I got a huge confidence boost and have been riding better than ever. Finally, right? The only downside is that it’s that time to start looking for a horse to lease again, which means having to say goodbye to Cassandro Z in the near future. Well, it’s not goodbye, right? It’s more of a see you later. Right? *Sigh* Anyway, I’ll be competing in Del Mar in a couple weeks, aka the week before finals, aka IT’S FINE I’LL FIND TIME TO STUDY SOMEHOW.

This week alone I am not only presenting my thesis to my entire department and senior student body, but I am also being awarded with honors within my major. Talk about no pressure, right? I cannot believe that my four years at Chapman are coming to an end, and as excited I am to be taking some time off from school, I’m more sure than ever that I will be attending graduate school in the future-your girl just loves learning way too much!

See you Thursday!