If you’ve been following my new equestrian account on Instagram (@skyelarmac), then you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been tagging C4 Belts quite a bit. That’s because I’ve been checking out their products for today’s post and this month’s Small Brand Spotlight!

Packaging appreciation

So here’s the breakdown: C4 Belts is a company that seeks “to promote individuality through quality belts that give back.” In fact, C4 stands for “Choose your Color, Choose your Cause,” donating $1 to one of four charities for every belt purchased. This means that the belts are totally customizable, and they give back, AKA I was already sold even before my first purchase!

Started by four friends, C4 Belts uses a type of plastic that is used on snowmobile treads, making it durable and guaranteed to last a lifetime. To be honest though, the plastic they are made of is soft and pliable, and feels more like pleather than plastic, making them high-quality. I’ve had my blue-on-blue belt for years, and it has shown literally zero signs of wear, even after wearing it rain or shine while riding or just hanging out with friends. That’s crazy impressive, especially since leather belts tend to dry out and crack after being in the sun for so long and so often!

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 7.59.30 PM
Total money donated to each cause, 2014

This year, C4 has partnered with Human Rights Campaign, Best Friends Animal Society, Boys & Girls Club of Metro Atlanta, and the Captain Planet Foundation, but they have also added one more charity for a limited time. Following the tragedy of the mass shooting in Orlando, Florida, C4 Belts is supporting The Center Orlando until June 30th, donating $10 for every rainbow design belt purchased. This is a huge gesture of support, and I am incredibly happy to be supporting a company that supports the LGBTQI+ community.

Back to the belts! I designed a new belt recently, and the design process was not only fun, but crazy easy as well. I went with a tropical design, mainly because it’s already over 100 degrees where I live and living on the beach sounds greater than ever ☼ The green, white,

My new belt!

and red floral design paired great with the lime green clear plastic belt buckle, and I kid you not, I squealed with utter joy upon opening it. It’s perfect for summer and the best pop of color to my training uniform (and every other outfit I’ve been wearing lately)!

Again, these belts have a lifetime guarantee and are animal and earth friendly, as well as waterproof. One of the best parts besides the charitable aspect is the way that the belts are cut-to-fit, meaning that you trim them to fit you, making them the perfect fit everytime. Just so you have the dimensions, C4 Belts comfortably fit up to a 42” waist and can be cut down to size. To get even more in-depth, Classic Belts are 1.25” wide and are 49.25” long before being cut-to-size & Skinny Belts are .75” wide and are 48” long before being cut-to-size. Think of the options! The color combinations! The outfits!

I absolutely adore this brand and I hope you take the time to check them out and make a purchase for yourself, you will not regret it!