Surprise! Betcha didn’t guess that I was in Greek life, did you? I know, I know, “Sorority girls don’t have tattoos!” “But you don’t wear pink!” “Where’s your long, blonde hair?” “Didn’t you graduate with honors?” etc, etc. Well hey, just like everything else on this blog, I like being brutally honest and also debunking various myths about things, so today I’ll be talking about some of the benefits of Greek life (I say some because there are just too many for one post, let’s be real).

Benefit #1: Voicing Your Opiniongiphy
Want to know a secret? Not everyone in every sorority or fraternity is the exact
WHAT?! We’re NOT all carbon copies of each other? EVERYTHING I KNOW IS A LIE.

Easy there buckaroo. Just like how family members all have differing personality traits and opinions, so do members of any given fraternity or sorority. Yes, we are given a bid to the same chapter, and yes we represent and uphold our chapter’s ideals and morals, but we don’t always agree and we most certainly don’t always get along. Yep, that means that there can be conflict and that you have to learn how to voice your opinion without stirring up drama. Observe.

Say you want to change up date party, or want to get more people involved in an event on campus. You don’t trash last year’s date party or call out everyone who hasn’t done anything on campus in the past month, but instead you offer suggestions as if you were in a business meeting. Which, let’s be honest, you are. You present your ideas, offer to answer questions, refute any concerns, and then bask in the glow of a job well done. Voicing your opinion without coming off harsh or defensive can be hard, but it’s incredibly useful, and your brothers and sisters (and future coworkers and employees) will thank you.

Benefit #2: Organization/Juggling Schedules
Guess what? It’s not only finals in three weeks, but you have to finish study hours, find a formal date (and a dress), attend meeting, and write four essays! Sound familiar?

giphy-1As someone who had a notoriously packed schedule, this was often something I just had to accept and tackle on my own. However, there’s no way I would be the organizational maven I am today without learning how to juggle greek life, school, sports, and a social life in college. Greek life not only teaches you the importance of commitment and following through on various obligations (philanthropy, service hours, study hours, maintaining good grades, spending time with other chapters, you-name-it-we-got-it), but it also gives you a crash course in figuring out how to accomplish UVXYZ in a timely fashion. To make it even better, oftentimes upperclassmen will share their horror stories and advise you on how to avoid making the same mistakes, giving you a leg up on ye olde adulthood. Plus, it gives you an excuse to buy an adorable planner, and honestly who can say no to that?

Welcome to “What a Rush,” a series on Greek life and not only my experience, but how it applies to the *gasp* real world.

See you next time!