Happy Wednesday everyone! Today I have another installment of What A Rush for you, and this time we’re talking about how rush/recruitment prepares you for real life…aka adulting *shudders*

At my university, our process to join Greek life was known as recruitment, due to the attempt to try and move away from the usual preconceived notions that come with “rush,” AKA hazing, partying, and drinking. Pretty much everything you’ve ever seen in a movie my university was trying to avoid. That being said, our process was still intense and honestly, exhausting for both the curious new members and the seasoned actives. Ironically, this process is very very similar to the process of finding a job after you graduate, and I’m going to break it down for you.

Registering for Rush/Writing Your Resume

Name? Check. High School? Check. Extracurriculars? Check. Impressive AF photo? Check.

Getting Dressed the Morning Of/Your First Interview

Wait, how did this wrinkle overnight? WHAT DO I DO MY FUTURE DEPENDS ON THIS!

Waiting for Your Rho Gammas/Waiting to be Called

I wonder what they’ll ask. Is my hair okay? What if I totally snort-laugh?

Going to the House/Entering the Interview

You mean they’re all cheering FOR ME? They want to meet ME?!

Starting the Conversation/Answering Questions

“You is cute, you is smart, you is interesting.” Repeat as necessary.

When the Party/Interview is Over

Wait…You mean…That’s it?

At the Last Party/Your Tenth Interview

Philanthropy. Work experience. Chapter. Company. Yep. Good. Nicetomeetyou.

Going to Bed After it All

Hey, three hours of sleep is better than nothing!


That’s all for today! In all seriousness, the skills I learned throughout my time in Greek life greatly helped me feel more confident in interviews and the workplace, and I’ll have a more serious post detailing that very soon!

See you next time!