Hey hi hello lovelies! While I’m chugging away at getting lots of horse-themed posts up, I wanted to talk about a company that I’ve been really loving lately, Lively!

While I’ll most likely get a sports bra and workout clothes review up in the near future, I wanted to showcase these beauties in the meantime. These are my favorite undergarments to wear when I’m NOT in sports bras and drowning in my own sweat (TMI?), and since I like them so much I wanted to share them with y’all as well!

Lively is a small lingerie company that is centered around the idea that, “Hey, you start your day at 6am, like you even have time for an uncomfortable bra.” Preach, right? With an awesome blend of sporty details with breathable fabrics and gorgeous accents and prints, it’s a bonafide dreamland of comfort and style that I have yet to see anywhere else! lively_07
I originally heard about Lively from the blogging powerhouse and all-around babe that is Jordan Younger, aka The Balanced Blonde, and wow was I lucky to get in on this brand. With so many sizing options and the most comfortable bralettes I have ever shimmied into, I know I’m a fan for life. My *only* thing with Lively is that I wish that they had a wider variety of “nude” shades, but something tells me that that is a change that can easily be put into the works!

As someone who lives in sports bras and tight fabrics, the utter comfort of this lingerie line and the sheer versatility of it makes it amazing for day-to-day wear, and yet classy enough for evening as well (something I had never found before)! My favorites are the Mesh-Trim Bralette, and the T-Shirt bras, both of which are pictured here AND I literally get excited to put on in the morning, which is saying something. And yes, the undies are equally as dreamy and, say it with me: No. Panty. Lines.

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 1.58.16 PM

With amazing reviews, a loyal following, and free U.S. shipping with a $40 purchase (which means a bra and panty of your choosing), I know I’m very excited to see how this brand grows and where it goes in the months and years to come!

What do you think of Lively and their leisurée trend? Would you wear it? Sound off below!