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What A Rush: Recruitment vs. Interview

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today I have another installment of What A Rush for you, and this time we're talking about how rush/recruitment prepares you for real life...aka adulting *shudders* At my university, our process to join Greek life was known... Continue Reading →

What a Rush: Benefits of Going Greek Pt. 1

Surprise! Betcha didn't guess that I was in Greek life, did you? I know, I know, "Sorority girls don't have tattoos!" "But you don't wear pink!" "Where's your long, blonde hair?" "Didn't you graduate with honors?" etc, etc. Well hey, just like... Continue Reading →

Post-Op: Week One

Greetings from sling-land! It has officially been about a week since my surgery, and this is a much-requested update on how it went, how I am, and other various questions I've been asked lately! The Surgery: June 22 Late Wednesday... Continue Reading →

Moving Out / Moving Up

*This post was written prior to the announcement of surgery* As is tradition in the lives a recent graduate, change tends to happen all at once. Case in point: moving to a new place and simultaneously moving up a division!... Continue Reading →

Smitten Kitten

So I got a cat. Not even a cat, really. I got a hyper, crazy, loving, purr-machine named Lucky. Since I am now living alone, I knew that I would want a companion to come home to and keep me... Continue Reading →

Life Update!

Wow, long time no see! I took a mini-break from the blog because...I'M GRADUATING IN LESS THAN A MONTH! Ah! *internally screaming* As you can imagine, I am utterly slammed with school work, as well as working my new job... Continue Reading →

Adulting: Slaying that Interview

Guess what? Your girl FINALLY has a job! Can I get a HALLELUJAH?! Since I'm flying high after the success of my job hunt, today I'm going to be sharing with you some of my tips for nailing your interview, and... Continue Reading →

What’s Wrong With Being Confident?

First thing's first: if you didn't sing Demi Lovato's "Confident" in your head when you read the title, do yourself a favor and go listen to that first. You're welcome. ANYway, lately I've been thinking about a little thing known... Continue Reading →

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