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Showing Gold Coast

Hey hi hello loves! 3 months later and I have officially gotten my first horse show as a bionic woman (read: metal-fused collarbone awesomeness) under my belt! Pretty neat, huh? I just wanted to take some time today to reflect... Continue Reading →

The Olympics Are For Competition

As luck would have it, as I was gearing up to write a bunch of blog posts tonight my mom asked me if I had seen the post about how equestrian sports shouldn't be in the Olympics. Once I peeled... Continue Reading →

Review: Dirty Lemon Skin+Hair Tonic

Guess who's back, back again. Dirty Lemon's back, tell your friends. Hey hi hello everyone! Today I am bringing you yet another installment of my Dirty Lemon reviews, but this time it's all about one of their newest tonics, Skin+Hair! In... Continue Reading →

Post-Op: Week One

Greetings from sling-land! It has officially been about a week since my surgery, and this is a much-requested update on how it went, how I am, and other various questions I've been asked lately! The Surgery: June 22 Late Wednesday... Continue Reading →

Moving Out / Moving Up

*This post was written prior to the announcement of surgery* As is tradition in the lives a recent graduate, change tends to happen all at once. Case in point: moving to a new place and simultaneously moving up a division!... Continue Reading →

No Pain, No Gain?

Everyone has a breaking point. Because of my high pain tolerance, it took me longer to break than others. Remember when I broke my collarbone? Eight months later, and something is amiss. I have the bulging deformity, sure. The stiffness... Continue Reading →

Warm Weather Riding Essentials

Happy Spring everyone! If you're like me and live in Southern California, with Spring comes the sudden realization that Summer (aka fiery inferno) is upon us. What better way to prepare for the insane heat waves than to stock up on... Continue Reading →

HITS Thermal: Week One

Just having gotten back from London and having to jump straight into the show season was intimidating, to say the least. Considering it was the first show I have competed in since breaking my collarbone, calling me a nervous wreck... Continue Reading →

2015 In Review

Happy New Year! It is New Year's Eve in my neck of the woods but as some of you are all over the world, a celebratory greeting is in order! Today's post is par for the course: it is a... Continue Reading →

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