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Review: Dirty Lemon Skin+Hair Tonic

Guess who's back, back again. Dirty Lemon's back, tell your friends. Hey hi hello everyone! Today I am bringing you yet another installment of my Dirty Lemon reviews, but this time it's all about one of their newest tonics, Skin+Hair! In... Continue Reading →

Riders for Well-Being

Happy Thursday! Today's another installment of the series Small Brand Spotlight, and the brand I'm talking about today is one that I hold very near and dear to my heart: Riders for Well-Being. Riders for Well-Being, or R4WB for short, is... Continue Reading →

Review: Dirty Lemon Raw Detox

**The following post is NOT sponsored, and contains my own opinions and observations. I am not a medical professional, and paid for this with my own money** Cleanses. Not a fan. I like being able to eat when I want,... Continue Reading →

Running Tips

To prevent myself from going completely stir-crazy I have taken up my least favorite form of exercise: running. I hate running. It's hard, I've never been good at it, and running in place on a treadmill or in endless circles around a... Continue Reading →

The “Ideal” Body

Growing up I have watched my body go from slight and thin to anorexic and bony to healthy and muscular, and everything in between. Currently I stand at 5'9" tall with broad shoulders and ribs, and muscular legs that are... Continue Reading →

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