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Post-Op: Week One

Greetings from sling-land! It has officially been about a week since my surgery, and this is a much-requested update on how it went, how I am, and other various questions I've been asked lately! The Surgery: June 22 Late Wednesday... Continue Reading →

No Pain, No Gain?

Everyone has a breaking point. Because of my high pain tolerance, it took me longer to break than others. Remember when I broke my collarbone? Eight months later, and something is amiss. I have the bulging deformity, sure. The stiffness... Continue Reading →

Call Me “Crash”

**Originally posted September 20, 2015** On Thursday night I broke my collarbone on my right side. Admittedly, attempting to do a five-stride line in four while on an open step at the end of the course was not the best option.... Continue Reading →

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