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Resolutions for 2016

Resolutions, what a cliché, right? #newyearnewme and all that jazz. January 1st might as well be D-Day with how seriously we take it sometimes, or so it seems. I've always been on the fence about resolutions. For one, making them on... Continue Reading →

Balancing School and Sports

I'm not about to lie to you, being a full-time college student and a competitive equestrian is not easy. It involves giving up a lot of your time to drive to shows and train, and then cramming in homework and... Continue Reading →

The Senior Year Panic

So I'm a senior in college. WHAT. WHEN. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN. Okay, okay, breathe Skye. All it means is that college is 75% over and you need to find a career like, yesterday. No pressure! You see, for most... Continue Reading →

Keeping a Schedule

With the first day of the Spring semester successfully completed, I come to you with a topic that nearly everyone I know both in college and out of college struggles with: keeping a flexible schedule. Now, I will be the first... Continue Reading →

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