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The Realities of Frat Life

What’s up, everyone? My name is Adam, and I’m sure most of you know me, though not by name, from Skye’s mentions of me (her boyfriend) on this blog! She has so graciously lent her blog to me so I... Continue Reading →

I Graduated!

Why hello there! Like the new look? Exciting news: I graduated university! As of May 21, 2016 I am an official alumnae of Chapman University and have officially moved into full-on adult mode. (Spoiler alert: it's not as fun as... Continue Reading →

Life Update!

Wow, long time no see! I took a mini-break from the blog because...I'M GRADUATING IN LESS THAN A MONTH! Ah! *internally screaming* As you can imagine, I am utterly slammed with school work, as well as working my new job... Continue Reading →

The Vagina Monologues

VAGINA. Did I catch your attention? Good. For the past few months I have been rehearsing for and performing in a production called The Vagina Monologues. Have you heard of it? Do you know what it's about? Well, let me... Continue Reading →

Where I’ve Been

Hey stranger! As many have noticed, I took a brief hiatus from the blogosphere for a few weeks to clear my mind and deal with some life circumstances (ew, gross, being an adult and stuff). Today's post is a short... Continue Reading →

Balancing School and Sports

I'm not about to lie to you, being a full-time college student and a competitive equestrian is not easy. It involves giving up a lot of your time to drive to shows and train, and then cramming in homework and... Continue Reading →

The Senior Year Panic

So I'm a senior in college. WHAT. WHEN. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN. Okay, okay, breathe Skye. All it means is that college is 75% over and you need to find a career like, yesterday. No pressure! You see, for most... Continue Reading →

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