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Lively Review (AKA When I’m Not in Sports Bras)

Hey hi hello lovelies! While I'm chugging away at getting lots of horse-themed posts up, I wanted to talk about a company that I've been really loving lately, Lively! While I'll most likely get a sports bra and workout clothes... Continue Reading →

How To: Staycation

It's Spring Break and I can finally breathe for the first time all semester. However, like a bunch of people I know, I'm not going on any booze-cruises or exotic destinations (unless you consider Magic Mountain to be exotic), and... Continue Reading →

Brand Spotlight: Tucker Tweed

I have a confession to make: I absolutely love Tucker Tweed. I was lucky enough to get one of their bags two years ago at Valencia Sport Saddlery and have been obsessed with them ever since. Because changing up your accessories... Continue Reading →

Giving Tuesday

Happy Giving Tuesday! "What's that?" Due to the past weekend of shopping insanity, today is the day where giving to charities is spotlighted and encouraged in order to spread holiday cheer! As someone who loves giving presents, today is always a... Continue Reading →

Apparel Review: Favorite Breeches

I will be the first to admit it: I own way too many pairs of breeches. How can one blame me, though? With the new colors and styles, different types of fabrics, and the constantly-changing zipper placements it seems that... Continue Reading →


It's official: I have changed barns and trainers. While my reasons and the process of doing such will be saved for a different post, what I want to talk about today is how to make a good first impression the... Continue Reading →

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