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How To: Staycation

It's Spring Break and I can finally breathe for the first time all semester. However, like a bunch of people I know, I'm not going on any booze-cruises or exotic destinations (unless you consider Magic Mountain to be exotic), and... Continue Reading →

Lessons Learned From Horseback

*The following post is inspired by Cindy Hale from* Not going to lie, I was very nervous to get back in the saddle after traveling London for two weeks. Since I tend to overthink pretty much everything, I decided to... Continue Reading →

Finals Tips & Tricks

As a senior in college, I would like to think that I have sort of figured out how to survive finals. Since finals start on Monday and this weekend is exclusively dedicated to studying, read on below for my favorite tips... Continue Reading →

Pulling an All-Nighter

It's nearing finals week for me here at university and with finals comes a lot of late nights and trying to finish too many assignments in not enough time. And thus: the all-nighter rears its ugly head.  I have never been a... Continue Reading →

Running Tips

To prevent myself from going completely stir-crazy I have taken up my least favorite form of exercise: running. I hate running. It's hard, I've never been good at it, and running in place on a treadmill or in endless circles around a... Continue Reading →

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