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Showing Gold Coast

Hey hi hello loves! 3 months later and I have officially gotten my first horse show as a bionic woman (read: metal-fused collarbone awesomeness) under my belt! Pretty neat, huh? I just wanted to take some time today to reflect... Continue Reading →

The Olympics Are For Competition

As luck would have it, as I was gearing up to write a bunch of blog posts tonight my mom asked me if I had seen the post about how equestrian sports shouldn't be in the Olympics. Once I peeled... Continue Reading →

HITS Thermal: Week One

Just having gotten back from London and having to jump straight into the show season was intimidating, to say the least. Considering it was the first show I have competed in since breaking my collarbone, calling me a nervous wreck... Continue Reading →

Update: Healing

On Friday, November 20, 2015 I got the wonderful, incredible news that my collarbone was F I N A L L Y healed enough to let me get back in the saddle. Best holiday present ever, right?! On Friday, November... Continue Reading →


It's official: I have changed barns and trainers. While my reasons and the process of doing such will be saved for a different post, what I want to talk about today is how to make a good first impression the... Continue Reading →

Gym Basics: Pt. 1

The gym. Images of ridiculously fit peers fill your head and the smell of stale sweat threatens to enter your nostrils. You look down at your old tshirt and leggings combo as people prance by in designer exercise gear and neon... Continue Reading →

Staying Positive

I'm not going to lie, being an equestrian is one of the most emotionally and physically exhausting sports you can compete in. Between the constant exercise of both the mind and body and the need for patience when dealing with... Continue Reading →

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